Play Space Rules

The single most important rule: Have fun, have a blast, and explore your fantasies.

Now, on to the other stuff

1. Please listen to and respect the Playspace Monitors (PSMs) at all times. Their decisions are FINAL.

2. Do not interrupt scenes. Also be aware of people's back swings. (Getting whacked in the head unintentionally with a flogger is never fun)

3. Please clean up your play area when you're finished. Wax play or other messes are only okay with a drop cloth. Be aware of where you put your drinks so that they don't get spilled.

4. Play within your means. PSMs will stop anyone who appears to be under the influence or playing in an unsafe manner.

5. The camp safeword is "Red". If your bottom uses it, the scene is over - period. Please be aware when watching scenes that many couples use 'No' within the scene, and it does not actually mean no. If you have concerns, approach the PSM to share them. They will almost always know the couple involved and be able to assist you.

6. You will be provided with a wristband and a badge upon entry to the camp. You MUST wear BOTH at all times. It helps us keep the event private and secure. A missing wristband/badge will result in the walk of shame to registration, while your attendance is verified, and a new wristband and/or badge is created for you. This is how we all stay safe, free, and naked.  (Badges may be removed if necessary during scenes, and should be kept nearby.)

7. Cleaning supplies are available at safety stations throughout the play space and classrooms. If you do a wax or other messy scene, please use a tarp or drop cloth. Please clean up after your scene. Leave all equipment free of sweat, bodily fluids, wax, lubricants, etc. Bring bodily fluid contamination to the attention of a PSM or Staffer.

8. Fireplay in the playspace must be approved by the PSM on duty and is subject to additional rules posted onsite.