Twisted Tryst is delighted to welcome the below presenters for The Gathering, 2018. 

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Please keep in mind that classes and presenters are subject to change. 


Bad Kitty Bondage

Kat and Dhyana have been tying, performing, and teaching together as Bad Kitty Bondage since 2013. In 2016 we asked our good friend and bad ass rope bottom MedullaOblongata to be part of our group. Our influences come from both Japanese and Western styles of rope bondage with our tying style gravitating towards asymmetry, imperfection, and fluidity while maintaining practical and functional forms. Kat and Dhyana are both kinda sadistic so don't be surprised if we throw in some sadistic side notes and advice in our classes as well. We enjoy being silly and sharing our fun and sometimes quirky tying style with people in the community.

Non-advanced Advanced Bondage for Novice Rope Humans
Trans Identities in Kink
Suspension Basics and Partials
HALP! STAHP! (Bondage for Impact)



Hobart76 (Robert)

This Southern-born kinkster loves to share all that he has managed to gather during his journey in the Pittsburgh Kink Scene and the leader of the Pittsburgh Groundhog Society. It is not just the how to do something, but it is the why we do it that way; armed with that knowledge you can choose when and how to push your art form forward.

Fireplay (and how to keep things from burning down around you)
Needle 101 and more



Daddy Kenyon and SwitchyButch

Daddy Kenyon is a queer, polyamorous, genderqueer, Leather, dyed-in-the-wool switch, and a passionate educator, who alternates between marching in spit-shined combat boots and waltzing backwards in fuck-me pumps, both literally and metaphorically (although she does not recommend this simultaneously). A covered Leather Daddy, and a self-described “omnivorous kinkster,” she enjoys complexity, connection, and pushing the psychological edge of a scene. Daddy Kenyon has been in the public BDSM/kink/leather communities since 2002, and enjoys play ranging from piercing, blood, and medical to heavy impact, bootblacking, and tea service. Her focus has always been on safety and following one’s desires. She presents locally and regionally on her diverse (and perverse) pastimes.

A queer, Butch, Leatherdyke bootblack, and Leatherboy, SwitchyButch has been fiercely kinky for nearly two decades. No matter which side of the slash he’s operating on, SwitchyButch can be found playing hard and getting up close and personal with his fists and boots. He enjoys the filthier things in life, including piercing, fisting, and piss, as well as the finer things, such as cigar service, boot worship, and anticipatory service. A sadomasochist who is a tireless learner and hopelessly curious, he particularly enjoys using his psychology education for more nefarious purposes (Skinner boxes, anyone?) SwitchyButch devotes much of his free time to serving and educating in his local kink and Leather community, as well as presenting at regional events, such as Red, Black, and Blue Ball; Spanksgiving; and Power eXchange Summit. He is proud to hold the title of Bluegrass Leather Bootblack 2016.

Full Contact Kink: Visceral Violence
Tarzan Visits the Nunnery: Erotic Roleplaying
Which Way Is Up? The Joys and Challenges of Switching
The Whys and Wherefores of Shame: Playing With Dynamite


Sir Mason deRou and Miss Kimi deRou

Sir Mason deRou is a primal Master who began his walk into the public kink scene in 2009. He has dominion over Miss Kimi deRou and together they form La Maison deRou. Mason is also the commander of La Meute de Rougaroux (The Rougarou Pack). He is a uniform fetishist, erotic photographer, and also loves the littles! Mason leverages his relative youth to build bridges among several kinky tribes and subcultures, allowing the voices of both past and current generations of kinksters to be heard. Mason has presented at BESS, Black Rose, CLUE, Weekend Reunion, and several MAsT chapters. Mason is a former president and sergeant-at-arms of the Master-Dominant Consortium and is one of the founding members of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC). He is a member of MAsT DC Pan and MAsT Washington and is also an alumnus of the MTTA Academy (Master Training XX). Mason resides in southern Maryland.

Miss Kimi deRou is a femme servant with dominant tendencies and a menagerie of primals. She fully embraces her littles (all three of them!) and advocates for awareness and acceptance of littles as 2013's Little Miss Littles Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire. She is in service to Master Mason deRou and serves as the Alpha Submissive of La Meute de Rougaroux (The Rougarou Pack). In addition to engaging in her favorite form of bondage (corsets), Kimi is also a uniform fetishist and among her many identities is human pony. Kimi has presented at BESS, Black Rose, Weekend Reunion, and Tiny Terrors. Kimi is one of the founding members of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC) and resides in the Washington, DC area.

AFI 34-1201 Or: What I Learned About D/s and M/s From the Military
How to Lead a Slave With a Dominant Personality
We Are the Littles!
Ponies and Bronies! Making Pony Play Fun


Monkey and MedullaOblongata

Monkey, owner of MonkeyFetish Studios, is an international presenter, performer and artist. He first presented rope at a local BDSM club in 2002 and has presented on rope, rough body play, D/s dynamics and other kink topics in the years since. He teaches with the philosophy that rope is easy, rope mastery is hard, and that anyone can use rope to enhance their kink play. He teaches rope, performs rope, and has more than a bit of skill with the camera which he executes for art and event photography whenever he can. He’s happy to share with anyone willing to listen to his particular brand of deviance.
He serves as Secretary of the Leather Archives & Museum and encourages you to ask about the organization and spend time perusing their website in your free time.
You find out more about Monkey, his classes, performances and artwork at

MedullaOblongata dove into the rope scene headfirst in early 2014, after what was supposed to be a casual scene showed her the dizzying highs and intense connections that could be made through rope. She combines her thorough knowledge of anatomy with her appreciation for technical details in order to educate, primarily in the area of rope bottoming. She’s had the privilege of tying with and learning from many skilled rope tops, and applies what she has learned to help people learn to make their rope scenes better, from the top or bottom. She can be found on

Playing with the Mouth
Nylon Play



Najalaise is maniacal but decent. Even before joining the organized BDSM community in 2005, they were exploring kink and introducing others to figging, play piercing, sounding, fisting, and other delightful pastimes. More recently, Naj has had the pleasure of presenting for Dark Odyssey: Surrender in San Francisco, Northern Exposure in Anchorage, Charmed in Baltimore, Leather Reign in Seattle, and other events across the country. Najalaise is gleeful about learning and trying new things, both as a top and as a bottom, and is invested in creating spaces that foster knowledge and creativity by making it okay to screw up in public.

Making It Worse: Collusion as Active Consent
Hypnokink for Sadists
More Than Skin Deep
Small but Fierce: Acupuncture Needles & Other Innocuous Sharps



I believe in evolution of the self. This of course includes the evolution of kink and sexuality. One of the basic tenets of who I am, which seeps into all that I do, including kink, is that I enjoy variety and I always want to make it pretty. I am an avid teacher. I am a teacher and nurse educator by trade and teaching is a passion of mine, with 15 years of experience. I have worked in a wide variety of fields, including intensive care and emergency department nursing. I have a broad range of knowledge and experiences. My kinks include all things medical, from showing a needle virgin that sharp things can be beautiful and not at all scary, to turning a willing victim into an intensive care patient, controlling all of their fluids and processes. I enjoy roleplay and creating scenes with costumes, music and I do tend to have a flair for the dramatic. I will admit I do enjoy being a bit of a show pony, whether in public or in private. The scenes I craft are likened to a scene in a movie. There is a story before the scene and after. What connects us together is the snapshot in the middle. I try my best to create a mood adapted to each individual play partner. I am a sadist, a Mommy, a Switch with a predisposition for dominance. I focus on pain, strain, and blood, and of course mutually beneficial interactions.

Sounding and Catheter Usage
Everything Anal
Kung Fu Blood Woo


Vesper entered the kink community in 2003 and has been serving it since 2006 with a focus on providing safe, comfortable spaces for everyone to begin their kinky journeys, to explore deeper, and to grow into their best selves. To that end Vesper has helped form and run a number of educational/social groups in Wisconsin, presented around the country, and has been a longtime staff member with Twisted Tryst.

You might find this Leather queer frolicking around camp, biting a lover or two, being a nerd getting mimsy in the borogoves, or tending The Burn. Vesper is agender, queer, and uses they/them pronouns. When not at camp Vesper is a house spouse and stay at home parent for two tiny monsters.

How Queer! (A.K.A. LGBTQIAA…)
The Socially Adept Kinkster: How Not to be a Douchebag and Deal with Those Who Are
Conscientious Relationships: Practical Discussions Surrounding Monogamy and Non-Monogamy



WhiskyTangoFoxy is a bottom-leaning switch who loves self-tying, self suspension bondage and DIY projects. She is an active member of the Chicago BDSM scene and uses she/her pronouns. Among other events, she can be found leading a monthly Kinky Crafting group, on Twitter, or serving on the moderator team for FetLife's Self-Tie Tuesday group. She has been a presenter for Ropecraft, Dark Odyssey, Kinky Kollege, Twisted Tryst and FIRE.

Self-Tying 101
Decorative Rope and Wearable Art
Bottom Lines
Fetish or For Real? – Intersectional Kinking