Education at Tryst

While we all love to play and frolic, Twisted Tryst is dedicated to providing education for all levels of pervert. We offer you the ability to learn, and the opportunity to safely explore all those naughty fantasies.

Know going in that most of your education will come -outside- the classroom. The Exploratorium is where we put you in direct contact with those teaching new & old skills.

The playspace and the grounds will also be a huge classroom. There's such a wealth of knowledge in merely seeing how others interact in this environment, and in realizing that most of your fantasies can indeed be made reality. Often in the evening, it's common to see newer folks spending time with those who've been knocking around awhile, sharing information and knowledge. So please use ALL of the education we offer you.

Our classes/workshops/presentations will be geared towards 'tracks'. Kink, Sexuality, and Spirituality. Within each track will be new, fresh ways of playing. As we approach the season, we will begin announcing speakers who've confirmed that they will be joining us to share their knowledge. Past presenters/educators at Twisted Tryst

  • Lee Harrington
  • Sarah Sloane
  • Barak & Brat Sheba
  • Sir David & Sub Suz
  • Janet Hardy
  • Domina Carmen
  • Jinxed Kisses
  • Greydancer
  • Lookout
  • Jesus Christ
  • Mollena
  • Scotty

Are you interested in presenting at Twisted Tryst? Check out our Call for Presenters, or drop us a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..